New York

New York


On any person who desires such queer prizes, New York Will bestow the gift of lonliness and the gift of privacy.

-E.B. White 


Who will admit one of the greatest pleasures in New York City are those moments of heightened loneliness? Positioning herself in some of the city’s most sequestered rooftop gardens after snowfall, CP Krenkler’s celebration of aloneness is inspirational. There is the stillness within the garden and then all that is out of reach in surrounding building and vistas. These photos celebrate the duality that is the Manhattan personality: Our need for drama, our insistence on anonymity, our endless loneliness that calls for potential stimulation at all times. Saturated in melancholic coppers and cobalts, Ms Krenkler takes some really gorgeous architectural portraits. There’s a shot of the Empire State building – a majestic, milky reed that is to die for. This is a city like no other we are once again reminded. And we are the lucky inhabitants.

Sheila Davis, Galerist MacDonough Salon / „Quiet New York“

Quiet New York - part 1

Quiet New York - part 2


Empty New York City

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